What do we do?


The aim of the Association is to bring together like-minded individuals to practice activities which promote well-being, or the feel-good factor which allows us each to enjoy all areas of our life more fully, with gusto and pizazz!

One of the core activities of the Association is the practice of yoga. Hatha yogis believe that by starting with the physical practice of yoga we work from the outside in. One first notices their muscles becoming both stronger and more flexible, and their balance improving. Then the inward journey begins with improvements to one's breathing, digestion, sleep patterns, and overall energy. If one pays close attention, one will also notice improved concentration, increased confidence, expansion of creativity, and a total joy for life settling upon them!

While yoga is one of the core activities of the Association, it is a goal and vision to expand into many further related activities such as Mindfulness in daily life, Meditation, Massage, Walking, Cycling, Juicing, Art, etc.

Of course the practice is in no way a substitute for medical treatments. Each member must sign a Certification of Health in which they declare that they are fit to participate in the activities of the Association.

No prior experience is required. Come along, give it a try, and see what you think!


Dynamic, breath-based group member practice to build flexibility, strength, and stamina. We practice an active flow and breath based yoga with classes in levels to suit everyone.


Chavutti Thirumal & Thai Yoga Massage


Chavutti Thirumal Massage is a traditional Indian full-body oil massage available to members which is based on the ancient healing arts of Ayurveda and Siddha. Chavutti Thirumal eases muscular tension, improves posture, increases circulation to all major organs, revitalises, eliminates toxins, and leaves one feeling fantastic!

Thai Yoga Massage consists of a rhytmical series of movements including acupressure, soothing massage, and yoga-like stretches.  The treatment is tailored to individual needs.  It is carried out through loose comfortable clothing.



The practice of a silent concentration. The focus might be on the breath, an uplifting image or sound, or a positive thought with the objective being a calming and clearing of the mind.